Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week 6: Bible Study Resources and The Amazing Shrinking Rabbi

Hey gang!

Thanks for making this such an enjoyable class! I hope at least a few of you were pleasantly surprised how rewarding studying the "three worlds" can be.

I thought I would post here the refrerences on a some items we covered last time, and also introduce you a bit moreto your guest speaker for the last class session.

A slideshow with much of the content of the "Living Water" video we watched is here.

As you know, we are honored to have for the first hour of class for Week 6, Rabbi Adam J. Bernay.
He has a Masters in Rabbinic Studies, and is currently enrolled in a master's of counseling degree at FPU's seminary. Adam is rabbi of Beit Tefilllah Messianic Fellowship, and is on the leadership of the Coalition of Torah-Observant Messianic Congregations.

"Messianic" in this context means they are among the minority of Jews who believe Jesus is the Messiah.

I think you will love his heart and insight. As you may have heard, he has a holy sense of humor (he appears in some videos here, as he is the "radio rabbi" at KRDU), was Anne Harrah's karaoke coach.........and may just win "Biggest Loser" next season! His congregation is behind his weight loss goals, and has established "The Amazing Shrinking Rabbi Fund". ("

Look forward to your papers!


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