Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 3 1/2: Quiz terms and contest!

Look forward to seeing you all for week 4 class in a few days! Hope you had a good vacation week.

I sure appreciate the "above and beyond" work you have been doing.

We especially look forward to seeing Christina, who is working hard even as she recovers from her accident!

As promised, here are the quiz (mix and match)terms and definitions (from you text) to study for quiz on Week 5..

Just for fun..There are really only 15 terms on the quiz, so one of the items below is a joke..
No, you don't get extra credit it for spotting it..but anyone who posts the correct answer in the "comments" section below this post will get a prize in class Tues night (:

  1. Assyria: a major near-Eastern empire located in Mesopotamia, which dominated Israel and the entire region through the 7th century BCE
  2. Babylonia:ancient near-Eastern empire, located in southern Mesopotamia, which dominated Judah in the later 7th and 6th centuries BCE
  3. Canaan: Name for the region and inhabitants of Palestine, prior to becoming "Israel"
  4. Canon: From the Greek term for "rule" or "standard." Any list of writings deemed authoritative.
  5. Covenant: A formal, sacred treaty or agreement between two parties with each party assuming obligation.
  6. Elohim: Hebrew for "gods" or "God"
  7. Epistle: From Greek "epistole," letter.
  8. Exile: the period during the 6th Century BCE when part of the population of Judah was taken into captivity in Babylon
  9. Hermenuetics: An area of study dealing with principles and process of interpretation of the Bible or other literature.
  10. Messiah: Hebrew for "anointed one"
  11. Palestine: From the Greek name for the area along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea
  12. Prophet: One who serves as an instrument of communication between God and humans
  13. Rabbi: Hebrew title that came to mean "my master" or "teacher." A title denoting respect for Jewish teachers.
  14. Tad Tadich: respected and charming young mascot of a 21st Century Fresno Pacific University cohort. Moonlights as a stand-up comedian. Also a great chef (as we found out a couple weeks ago).
  15. Tanak: An acronym created from the Hebrew words for the three canonical sections of the Hebrew Bible: Torah, Neviim and Kethium.
  16. Righteousness: The state of being right, or being in right relationship


  1. No brainer! #14 IS the no-brainer. Hah! Make sure the prize is sugar free!

  2. Well Tad beat me to it... yeah it is #14 and he is charming!

  3. Agree that #14 is not a valid question, but definitely entertaining!
    Stephanie Gonzales

  4. Kimberly TapscottJuly 12, 2010 at 10:57 PM

    Yes...We Call Him "Father Tad!"

    Tad Tadich: respected and charming young mascot of a 21st Century Fresno Pacific University cohort. Moonlights as a stand-up comedian. Also a great chef (as we found out a couple weeks ago).


  5. Haha! #14 For sure!

    What a good laugh! :)

    Sheri Hiett

  6. This was a hard one, but i'm going to say #14? and that's my final answer!! Lol :)

  7. Very Funny!! I'm glad I looked at everyone's post. I've been studying #14 the most. I definitely have that one memorized for the quiz. Shoot!!! I guess I'll have to study the others now. LOL.. I will see everyone this evening.

    Kimberly Johnson

  8. OK, since everyone else thinks it is #14, that's what I'll say too but I have a feeling if you went ahead and put it on the quiz we would get that one right too!

  9. Nice guesses all..but believe it or not, NO ONE got it right so fat!! (:

    See you in two hours, maybe someone will win by then!! (:

  10. Kimberly TapscottJuly 13, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    Well, The definition for Righteousness is not complete...?

  11. oops, typo. should say NO ONE got it right so far",not "so fat" (:

    Kimeberly, excellent try..but no.

    All the terms and definitions are Ok.
    So what I will do is include #14 on the quiz, as a freebie (you are welcome), and remove one of the items above that is often confused with another item..

  12. Huh? We're having a quiz next week???
    (I think it's Cannan and Palestine that overlap).